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Rovers MC #1 Desert Club
5 years in a row

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Rovers MC #1 Desert club 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008
#1 Best Of The West Club 2009
#1 Grand Prix  Club 2006, 2007
#1 Enduro Club 2006

Enduro Overall / Class winners 2011

16- James Ogaz
21- Brian Gill

10- Brandon Krause

2-Nick Blais
21- Levi Gill
Sen 250
2- Paul Valtrain
3- Steve Rinker Jr

8- Tom Phoenix
19-Greg Ieberts

t4 Mark Ogaz
T5- Peggy Ogaz

10- Kiera Blais
Grand Prix_
Sen Open
7- Paul Kaurse

1- Randy Langosh
5- Chris Johnson

21- Mike Castro

25- Dylan Morin

8-Casey Langosh

9- Brandon Krause
17- Walker Harrison

Youth Mini
9- Dario Gifford

Youth Mirco
10-Markko Gifford

Vet Quad
6- Rudd Miller

12- aaron Hopson
21-Starling Hopson

Desert Overall / Class winners 2011

6- Thomas Gross
9- Chance wyllie
20-Jacob Martin

19- Nick Blais
24-Andrew Jolly

Senior- 0-250cc
5- Paul Valtrain
7- Steve Rinker
25-Sean Bradley

Senior 251cc-t
1- Paul Krause
9-Greg Iesberts
13-Jeff Gifford
15-Dan Scudella
20- Tim Gross

22-Brittany Slight
Vets 251-Plus
16 Randy Roy

10- Brandon Krause
12- Brain Stevens

Mag Open
12- Joe Miller
13- Robert Torgenerson

T1-Bill Markel
T3-Mark Ogaz
T8-Peggy Ogaz
T9- Shaun Riley
T11- Aaron  Hopson
T13- Sterling Hopson
1- senior 205 Steve Rinker Jr

Enduro Overall / High point class winners 2009

paw icon Nick Blais #2 Overall
paw icon Nick Blais #2 HWT
paw icon Tom Phoenix #5 SEN-HWT
paw icon Paul Krause #6 SEN-HWT
paw icon Paul Valtrain #1 SEN-250
paw icon Steve Rinker Jr. #4 SEN-250
paw icon Keria Lynch #5 Woman
paw icon Kim Lynch #2 SEN-Woman
paw icon Mark Ogaz #3 ATV
paw icon Peggy Ogaz #6 ATV
paw icon Rob Wade #9 ATV

Desert Overall / High point class winners 2009

paw icon Paul Krause #10 Overall
paw icon Nick Blais #15 Overall
paw icon Brain Sweeney #20 Overall
paw icon Kim Lynch #5 Sen+40
paw icon Randy Roy #6 Vet Open
paw icon Mike Vorndran #8 Mag 50+
paw icon Steve Ridgway #6 Open 50+
paw icon Robert Torgerson #10 Master 50+
paw icon Willie Eveland #7 Legend 70+
paw icon Mark Ogaz #6 Quad
paw icon Stirling Hopson #8 Quad
paw icon Eric Pealstrom #10 Quad

Sportsman and Sportswoman of the year 2009

paw icon Willie Eveland
paw icon Kim Carpenter

Best Of the West 2009

paw icon Paul Krause Overall
paw icon Paul Krause #1 SEN-HWT
paw icon Walker Harrison #1Mini 12-15 0-85cc

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