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Chris Johnson’s Rider Profile

    Rider: Chris Johnson
    City: Llano, CA
    Years Riding: 39
    Desert Class: Offroad Sidecar Expert
    Enduro Class: Sidecar expert (2008)
    Bike Make and Size: 500 CR EML
    Family: Adrian, Yipes, Kimmies, Trixie, Austin, Tumbles (last 5 are canines)

    Funniest race moment: 1987 Riverside Great Bear GP / second amongst 36 sidecars on the 100 mile GP (one of the best all time classics). To bad 1988 ended up finishing the Great bear from the back of an ambulance after leading into turn two.

    What you like about the Rovers: Great desert family and friends (both human and canines), open arms for a stupid sidecar racer to come and join a desert club. Flexibility to help promote our MX race every year in August.

    Racing Accomplishments: 2 sidecar heavyweight National Championships (when they meant something), three years desert #1, two years AMA SoCal MX #1, National sidecar #2 (2007), 2nd in the 1998 CZ MX world Championships, 1991 3rd open amateur AHRMA Western Region.

    Fifth total top points leader in 2006 in District 37 and second in the ROVERS (behind PK).

    Started racing in 1974 in the desert, GPs & MX until now, sidecars since 1984, also turning expert in 1984, but will only race amateur until I turn into a SUPER SENIOR in the desert (a true expert sidecar racer though - even though they make us an expert automatically).

    Your ultimate goal in racing: Vegas to Reno on a sidecar, build the SoCal MX championships as one of the best local Series in the West.

    Other Info: Thank you everyone for your support both on course, in the pits and at camp, but also for the outstanding job everyone did in August at our ROVERS MX, you guys and gals rock - (this next year will be even better as I am now the AMA SoCal Championship MX Series chairman).





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