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 The Rovers Motorcycle Club was formed in 1972 as a family oriented competition club. The early emphasis was on supporting desert racers with pits and other assistance. Although the club still boasts some very fast riders, the emphasis now is on riding to have a good time. There is no pressure on members to win or earn points. As a result, we also have some slow riders. Not all members are racers. Some of the Rovers just like to come out to help pit the racers, trail ride, and have a good time.

 We have about 70 members in the club, so you can be assured that there will be a Rover presence at all the races. Our riders vary in age from 5 years old to 70 years old. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, including business owners, firefighters, school teachers, construction contractors, caterers, military personnel, movie industry, retired etc.

 The club puts on two races per year. We host the 7th round of the AMA Southern California Motocross Series in August and a Desert Race in April. We expect all members to help out with the Desert Race. The motocross doesn't require as much involvement but many members come to work the event, attend the Saturday night Luau, and some enter the race.

 We primarily race desert, Enduros and Grand Prix. We also have members who participate in motocross and dual sport events. If your interest runs to four wheeled vehicles, we have members who compete in the off road car events. We have a member who set a world land speed record at Bonneville.

 Our meetings are held in the desert, usually the Saturday night before the first desert race each month. We are very informal with few rules. We don't have an initiation fee or club dues, the motocross finances the club. The major rules are that we be available to help a downed rider and don't leave the desert until all Rovers are in off the course unless released by an officer of the club.

 We send representatives to the AMA District 37 meeting each month. We also send representatives to the AMA Southern California Motocross Series meetings each month. There are other meetings on an as needed basis. Members are encouraged to become involved to the extent that they can. We recognize that some people are heavily involved with work and other obligations. Members are kept informed on club activities by our newsletter, special club memos and the Rovers MC web site.

 At the present time membership is open to interested riders. Come ride with us so we can get to know each other. However, if you are not sure which club you would like to join, you are welcome to come pit with us and have some family fun at the races until you decide. Look for the black flag with the yellow "R".

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